Móreadhiel (Kiara)

An Odd Elvish Beauty


In every society there are individuals who just don’t quite fit in; Móreadhiel was one such individual. She was born in a small elven village, the daughter to two loving parents. Her parents did their best to raise Móreadhiel as a kind and gentle soul but no matter what they did they would find her doing things opposite of their teachings. These acts started out small and could be written off as a child not understanding their actions. The acts grew though and when it was discovered that she was killing and eating small animals for amusement her parents knew that something was different about their child. Her parents though had faith they could correct this behavior and redoubled their efforts. For all their attempts though they failed, only succeeding in one thing; teaching her how to get away with it. No matter how many obstacles her parents put in her way she overcame them. She learned to undo the locks they placed on doors and chests. She learned to move quietly, slipping past her parents when they weren’t looking. She even learned to alter her appearance to avoid them when they were looking for her.

This game of cat and mouse went on for years without the rest of the village catching on. This was partly due to Móreadhiels parents protecting her and partly due to the skills she had developed. Eventually Móreadhiel decided that she had had enough and was ready to set out on her. She knew though that if she tried to leave her parents would try to stop her. When her father was at a village meeting Móreadhiel undid the lock on the kitchen drawer and drew a long knife from it. She crept down the hall to where her mother sat gazing at the forest from a window and cut her throat before she knew what was happening. It was at this moment as her mother lay dying, her blood dripping down the length of the knife that Móreadhiel had a wicked thought. She crouched down next to her mother and whispered in her ear “don’t worry Mother; I’ll make sure to have dinner started before father gets home.”

It was some time later that Móreadhiels father returned home. He was greeted by his daughter smiling and cooking. “Hello Father,” she greeted him “I asked Mother if I could make dinner tonight, it’s almost ready.” He looked at her and smiled; she seems to be finally coming around he thought. “Would you care for a taste Father,” Móreadhiel asked. Her father walked across the room and accepted the small bowl that she was offering and tasted the stew. “That tastes divine, what is in it?” he asked. Móreadhiel beamed at her father “I’m so glad you like it, there’s some potatoes, carrots, onions, spices, and the most important ingredient; Mother.” She said. That was the last thing her Father heard before Móreadhiel drew a blade cut across his neck. “It just needs you and it’ll be perfect.” She said aloud to herself.

Móreadhiel sat down and enjoyed her dinner. It was the best meal that she had ever tasted. After her third bowl she decided she couldn’t eat anymore. She then did the dishes and went to bed. The next morning she woke feeling refreshed and alive, she had a lot to do today but first things first, she finished off her stew. She spent her morning cleaning and packing a few items before setting fire to the house and leaving.

Móreadhiel spent a number of years traveling wherever her feet took her; she would taste the different people she came across and steal when it wasn’t safe to have her favorite meal. She found that people had trouble pronouncing her given name and began going by Kiara.

She eventually found herself camping alone on the edge of an orc village, her last traveling companion having been dinner for forgetting to pack enough rations for the trip. She enjoyed watching the orcs from a distance; the way you could see their muscles move made her mouth water. They of course would be tough from working their muscles too much but she had never had orc and wished to try it at least. She was delighted to see when one of the orcs began to kill all of the rest of them; one less thing for her to do. After the slaughter was done the orc collapsed just in time for breakfast. She gathered up her things and made her way down to the village.

She could hardly contain her excitement as she cut into the flesh of the first corpse she came across. She cut out thin strips of flesh and laid them on her pan. The meat tasted surprisingly good to her and she went back for seconds. When she looked up from adding more flesh to her pan she saw the orc who slaughtered the village looking at her. Shit, she thought before greeting him a good morning. Luckily though she didn’t need to kill him as he seemed to be not in a killing sort of mood; they began talking and after some discussion decided that they would travel to Thraloh together. After a short journey they found themselves in the Rojack district of Thraloh.

Móreadhiel (Kiara)

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