Dr. Isaac Black

Emissary of Blood and Shadows


Dr. Isaac Black carries himself with an aura of distinction, even if he appears completely out of place. His home plane of Ravenloft taught him many skills to manipulate friend and foe alike as well as the cunning to attack enemies at their weakest points. He stands at 6’2" with gray hair, elongated canines, and the blue-green eyes of his mother.

His manner is usually one of a gentle soul, but his upbringing with monsters has taught him to always be ready and aware.
He always has at least one weapon by his side (usually his father’s blade) and when he is surrounded by his eidolon, he is a force to be reckoned with even to a raging barbarian or the knife of an elven rogue.


In the a demiplane known to only a rare few as the Demiplane of Dread, there is a region of the plane that is completely void of all magic, a dead zone to those versed in the arcane. It is a place of occult beliefs, undead creatures animated through the Dark Powers themselves, and a strange practice known as science. Many that live in this dark plane survive off their creations, wits, and some by their cursed existence as the dhampir children of the vampiric lords of the region. Dr. Issac Black survived due to all three. His father, the Dark Lord of the land and an elven vampire, had been slain a decade ago by zealous adventurers, leaving the young lord with thousands upon thousands of books, hundreds of loyal servants, tutors, and more wealth than anyone ever needed. His mother had been a Shae that had stayed for only long enough to give birth to her son before vanishing back into the shadows of the universe. Yet, the Dark Powers of the land saw this loss as nothing more than an opportunity for suffering and cursed the young lad with forever feeling alone as long as he lived in their world with all that he had inherited. The curse pushed the lord away from everyone, but also allowed him uninterrupted pursuit of any knowledge he could get his hands on. He attended a school of sciences and medicine and studied under several professors of the land before returning home years later with a doctorate in several advanced fields. At the age of 16, he began his work on the device that would change his life and get him away from this foul plane of dread and fear and somewhere that the curse could no longer affect him.

After three more years of his life, basically the entirety of his father’s fortune, and several missing servants consumed into the device accidentally, Isaac stepped back to admire his device. The storm he had been waiting for to test the machine raged on in the night and lightning repeatedly struck the conductor he had set up outside, sending waves of electricity through the circuits and as soon as he pulled the switch into the machine. Realizing he had been holding his breath, Isaac exhaled and pulled the switch. With a roar, the machine came to life and its multitude of parts began to work in unison. In the center of the machine spun a diamond cut to perfect specification to focus energies that began to glimmer and hum itself as different beams of light shone upon it. A multihued beam of energy slowly arced from the gem and began tearing a hole in the very fabric of the plane, creating a rift that overlooked a misty river that seemed to be flowing through the air itself. Isaac found himself mesmerized as he peered through the portal and saw that the mighty river seemed to split and flow into various other portals of different hues and stabilities. And of different colors! Never had the good doctor actually seen so many colors, only read of them in books. After a few minutes of awe, Isaac began noticing that not only water flowed through the river, but also thousands upon thousands of souls. His amazement began to turn to fear and as it did, the predators that hunted such fear began to look back at him. From the banks of the river rose a creature with exaggeratedly long limbs and nearly a dozen ghostly tentacles extending from its back, shoulders, and upper arms and it raced toward the open rift. Isaac frantically jumped back and attempted to turn the machine off, but as he pushed the switch back up, a huge bolt of lightning raced through the wires from outside and into the device, overloading it. The portal began to quickly expand beyond control as the creature raced to it, its canine-like snout snapping open and shut in anticipation of its meal and showing row upon row of razor sharp fangs. The creature launched itself through the portal and grabbed Isaac by the leg just as the gem sustaining the rift shattered and the portal began to collapse upon itself. As Isaac struggled to free himself, he felt his mind assaulted by mental images of the creature feasting on his soul and the creature repeatedly taunted him through telepathy as it continued to pull on his leg and drag him through. The unstable rift began to fluctuate in energy and as it did, the portal began opening onto different planes and scenes, ripping away at the creature’s hind body. As it finally was able to pull Isaac through, the portal snapped shut and the two creatures found themselves flung through a myriad of different dimensions and planes. The creature, only its upper half remaining attempted to feast upon Isaac’s soul, but as it did, the planar energies assaulting it and Isaac’s inborn resistance to any sort of life drain forced the opposite to happen and the creature was instead absorbed into the very soul it had wanted to feast upon. The two creatures became one as Isaac continued to be hurled through the multiverse, unconscious and unaware that he had just absorbed an astradaemon into himself.

When he awoke, he found himself surrounded by a group of children looking disheveled and dirty and his clothes torn and ruined. The area looked to be a slum, but the colors amazed the good doctor and he couldn’t believe his eyes as he gazed up at the sun and found it bright and beautiful. Tears streamed down his face as he realized that the device had worked and he had actually escaped that cursed plane. His life was finally his own. He spoke with the children and was shocked to learn that they could actually understand him, but delighted as well. He learned he was in the slum of Rojack in the nation of Thraloh and immediately proceeded to the nearest library to read up on the new world he found himself in. Weeks passed and Isaac learned much about this land the the history of it as well as the history of the surrounding countries. He also found that he somehow had the ability to cause strange things to happen. When he found himself needing a chair while reading a few days back, one assembled itself out of the shadows themselves right before his eyes. The same had happened with eating utensils, water, and he even found that he could look at light objects and they would float right to him! At first this frightened him, but as he got used to it, he couldn’t be happier. He read about what it was and found that he was able to cast something called magic, a talent that only a rare few had. After learning about it, he found himself able to summon all sorts of fantastical creatures. As he continued to use magic however, he felt a presence linger in the back of his mind each time and his shadow seemed to twitch with each spellcast. On the night of a new moon he woke with a start and watched as his shadow spread along the wall in front of him and turned into a dark form that he had been dreaming of the last few days, of the monster that had tried to devour him from the soul river. He knew his end was probably near and did the only thing he had left, he spoke to it and asked it what it was.

The creature slithered around the room and answered in slow, whispered tones that it did not know, only that it was part of Isaac himself now. It vaguely recalled a hunger, but the memory was dim. With the remembrance of hunger, the creature’s eyes became slits and it began to coil around Isaac, but for some reason he found himself unafraid and the creature’s form merged with Isaac. He found when he spoke, it was through the creature. The creature had become an extension of himself and he found himself flush with this power. When he woke in the morning, he found the creature gone, but its voice still in the back of his mind, whispering secrets and arcane knowledge. He found himself a companion that he knew would never leave him and felt himself finally blessed after what seemed like an eternity of loneliness. He went around town and with the meager earning he had acquired over the last few weeks, readied himself to venture into the world and see what it was all about.

While picking up the last of the items he deemed he would need for the road, Isaac caught sight of a crowd gathering to stare at two approaching figures, one a beautiful elven maiden and the other a giant of a man with tusks and green skin. Outsiders to the land just like himself, Isaac’s first thought was to introduce himself and learn more about these two travelers. He paid the stall merchant a few coppers and went to join the crowd of onlookers to see where the two outsiders were headed, the voice in the back of his mind whispering of danger and excitement from the two of them.

Dr. Isaac Black

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