Brute of an orc. He's a big orc, even by orc standards.


This massive being carries himself with a posture of strength. People feel when he’s in the room, whether it’s because of his massive size, standing at 6’7" 250 lbs, or it’s his fierce personality.

Typically his jet black hair is pulled back into a topknot or hanging down loose, popping against his dark green skin.

Among numerous scars is a scar in the shape of a scorpion crudely carved into his chest. Even after days of traveling with the scar the redness will not fade on the scar, a constant reminder of his father’s betrayal.


Borkul was raised as the son of a orc tribe’s oracle that was on the outskirts of the warzone between the two rival nations. Borkul had a “normal” orc upbringing. He was constantly being tested and got into several fights every day. His father, the oracle, was the head adviser to the chieftain of their tribe. The chieftain knew that he had to do something other than picking off deserters and wandering soldier in order to increase his tribes wealth and legitimize his place as head chieftain. The chieftain ordered the oracle to make a miracle happen that would increase their tribes power. The oracle, afraid for his life, tried to offer a sacrifice to Rovagug. He chose his son to be that sacrifice.

Borkul was captured and chained to an alter by the tribal council. As the oracle started his incantations Borkul had visions of death and destruction. He saw the symbol of a scorpion being carved into his chest by his father. He felt his power growing with every once of pain he became more enraged. Then his visions showed him standing over the corpses of various foes, including those of his own tribe. He saw slaughter every time he closed his eyes. Then he heard something shout out to him. “I grant you my strength. Now do my bidding and take your place as chieftain of this tribe!” Feeling enraged and strengthened Borkul broke his chains with brute force. He whipped the chains around the chieftain’s neck and began choking him. At this point he felt invincible. Once he was done with the chieftain he turned to his father. “YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU WELP! YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!” Then Borkul grabbed his father by the hair and threw him to the ground. Before his father could react Borkul had his foot pinning his father down. With his to mighty arms he grabbed his father’s head beneath his jaws and ripped his head off his shoulders.

“You are now the chieftain!” commented a voice in his head. “Show the other orcs your power.” Borkul emerged from the tent still enraged. He went to the center of town and grabbed whatever weapon he could find, in this case it was a huge axe. “I AM NOW THE RULER OF THIS TRIBE! YOU WILL ALL BOW TO ME!” shouted Borkul. At this several orcs jumped in surprise. “Borkul, you are still a welp. You are no leader. You are not strong enough.” Orc #1 stated. With a swift flick of his arm Borkul chopped off the orcs arm. “I AM YOUR LEADER!” shouted Borkul. At this the rest of the tribe started gathering around the middle of their campsite. The orcs of this tribe did not agree for Borkul to be chieftain. They did not accept him as their leader. At this the voice inside Borkul’s head said, “Kill them all, they are not strong enough to be your agents of destruction.” Filled with an unnatural rage Borkul slain every orc in the camp. By the end of the night there were about 20 orc corpses littered across the campsite.

That night Borkul felt the rage leave him. Whatever voice was inside of him had seemed to have left him. Before long Borkul passed out from exhaustion.

When he awoken, he noticed a small figured leaning over one of the corpses. He noticed that she was eating his old orc tribesmen….


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