Wild Lands

World Background - Wild Lands

The nations to the North and East, Utana and Siaera, warred for nearly a century. The clockwork armies and great mages of Utana were few in number compared to the soldiers led by paladins and clerics from Siaera, but their mastery of all things arcane made it a brutal and unforgiving war, making the border between the two nations uninhabitable. As the turn of the century came, Utana started to show weakness as it was unable to keep up production of soldiers to match the armies protect by all manners of Gods. With the war surely over, and Siaera the clear victor, all were surprised when a magical rupture demolished the entire nation of Siaera and wiped out their armies overnight. Not that it was without consequence, 20 years later the nation of Siaera is still official declared as uninhabitable due to the Wild Magic and devastation that occurred over there. The last of the refugees described the land as a barren crater and had a range of magically induced afflictions that killed most of them. Many people that said afflictions will still infect anyone returning to Siaera. However, one way or another, the war was over.

Not that it changed much, all the refugees and survivors that ended up in Thraloh, the isolated mountain nation, are more or less stuck there, not to mention the dwarves who fled the parts of the mountains closer to Siaera. The immense population boom forced Thraloh to go from a small nation to a nation wide city in no time. With almost all the land consumed as living space, Thraloh now heavily relies on Utana for importing food. This arrangement works for the time being, as the current King, Calcipher, has done an excellent job on maintaining peace both internally and externally, but since he is in old age and his top advisor is a cleric from Siaera, people have begun passing rumors that this peace will be short lived.

For whatever reason you have, you find yourself in a district of Thraloh called Rojack, and is almost entirely populated by refugees and criminals.


I’ll have a map up soon.

My only restriction on characters and backstory is that you cannot be a refugee from Siaera more recent than 10 years ago. Other than that, knock yourselves out.



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