Wild Lands

Initial Thoughts

While my entrance into this city wasn’t the most common method of entry, it seems it did allow me to not make as big of a crowd as my new companions. My shadow was correct in assessing them to be dangerous as they go on nightly forays to just cause mayhem by the looks of it.

The orc is able to hold more conversation than the majority of his kind I have dealt with, which is a bit refreshing. He is also much more terrifying than any of the orcs I have dealt with before however, especially once he becomes angry. His rage is unlike any other I’ve seen and seems to have a touch of madness to it, possibly from the massive scorpion carved into his chest that still bleeds from time to time. He seems to hold the engraving to a degree of reverence and is very proud to have such a scar. I’ll have to inquire as to what it stands for. He goes by the name of Borkul and seems to not have a last name, which is standard for his kind. He and I have a wager going on to see who can kill the majority of our pursuers. He won the first round, but we’ll see if he can keep up next time, for my shadow hungers for blood as do I.

The elf is very much different than what I have read of her people. The biggest oddity: She eats meat. Never have I met an elf that enjoyed the taste of meat. She is quite easy on the eyes and friendly enough though. I don’t think I mind traveling with her. She does seem to vanish often though, and that does concern me a bit especially when she comes back with butchered meat from within the city in the middle of the night. She is a great cook and seems to love food so I don’t blame her for always having to stop and get things to cook, especially when she offers it to us all. She occasionally eyes me with hunger of a ghoul in her eyes, but I’m probably just mistaking the look for home. Things are different here after all. Her name is Kiara, but she also has an elven name I wouldn’t mind knowing. The elven language has has a pleasant ring to it during conversations and it was the language my father and I usually conversed in.

A third member joined our little group before we left town as well, but I’m not to sure if she will be staying with us. She does not look too kindly upon the elf’s habits. She is of a race I never encountered back in my world; an undine. I read a bit on her kind while in the city and it seems they are rare even in this world. She is descended from a mingling of humans and creatures from the elemental plane of water and can control water with her lovely voice, causing it to even change phase with her song. Her personality is very strict and she has already argued with my other companions about their chaotic tendencies and the damage they do with their actions. She almost drew blood with the elf, but sadly the elf dropped the issue to make peace. It has been a while since I last drank of life’s elixir. Perhaps I can find a young maiden willing to share as we go on or maybe even one of my new companions; we shall see. I could see the elf as willing, but I’d rather learn a bit more before asking her.

It is light once again and I can hear my companions stirring in their rooms as their pulses quicken. It is always a pleasure and a boon to have you by my side, Shadow, even if you can only listen. Let us continue seeing the world together.

Start Up Questions

Are we allowed any traits? (or more specifically, what are your rules on traits?)

World Background - Wild Lands

The nations to the North and East, Utana and Siaera, warred for nearly a century. The clockwork armies and great mages of Utana were few in number compared to the soldiers led by paladins and clerics from Siaera, but their mastery of all things arcane made it a brutal and unforgiving war, making the border between the two nations uninhabitable. As the turn of the century came, Utana started to show weakness as it was unable to keep up production of soldiers to match the armies protect by all manners of Gods. With the war surely over, and Siaera the clear victor, all were surprised when a magical rupture demolished the entire nation of Siaera and wiped out their armies overnight. Not that it was without consequence, 20 years later the nation of Siaera is still official declared as uninhabitable due to the Wild Magic and devastation that occurred over there. The last of the refugees described the land as a barren crater and had a range of magically induced afflictions that killed most of them. Many people that said afflictions will still infect anyone returning to Siaera. However, one way or another, the war was over.

Not that it changed much, all the refugees and survivors that ended up in Thraloh, the isolated mountain nation, are more or less stuck there, not to mention the dwarves who fled the parts of the mountains closer to Siaera. The immense population boom forced Thraloh to go from a small nation to a nation wide city in no time. With almost all the land consumed as living space, Thraloh now heavily relies on Utana for importing food. This arrangement works for the time being, as the current King, Calcipher, has done an excellent job on maintaining peace both internally and externally, but since he is in old age and his top advisor is a cleric from Siaera, people have begun passing rumors that this peace will be short lived.

For whatever reason you have, you find yourself in a district of Thraloh called Rojack, and is almost entirely populated by refugees and criminals.


I’ll have a map up soon.

My only restriction on characters and backstory is that you cannot be a refugee from Siaera more recent than 10 years ago. Other than that, knock yourselves out.

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